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Fashion Pregnancy


November 12, 2017

 Finding things to wear has been sooo hard!! It’s so weird for me to try on clothes that once fit me so perfect and now I can’t even zip up or get on! In a way though it’s kind of nice, it’s forced me to clean out my closet. I do love maxi dresses though. I love dresses. period. but maxi dresses are the best. My mom got me this one the other day and i couldn’t wait to wear…

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February 17, 2017

If I wasn’t trying to grow my hair back long & healthy I’d probably be at the parlor right now getting it colored. I just HAD TO post this one. For some reason these poses feel so much more comfortable to me. ha!First off I have to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to my sister. If it wasn’t for her CLOTHES I wouldn’t have any friends…haha jk. I wouldn’t be able to do my little mini fashion posts. She is the QUEEN at finding…

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January 15, 2017

I’m sooo glad my sister finally agreed to do a “fashion” posts with me!! She’s really shy-but GORGEOUS. She also has such an amazing eye for fashion! She recently bought both of the outfits we’re wearing at the Thrift Store. We seriously LOVE the thrift store. I love it too because she goes thrifting alot more than me, so she has alot more clothes than me-BUT we always share clothes so it works out perfect. Ha!! We also have an…

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November 3, 2016

Ryan bought this dress for me on our Honeymoon. He had me try it on when we bought it but it was HUGEE. I loved it so much though so I decided to get it and just have it repaired down to my size! I’m literally usually wearing an old shirt and and old skirt with my hair in a top knot, literally!! The heat has this extreme effect on me that drains almost every ounce of desire to fix up-especially…

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Denim Dress

August 18, 2016

I recently have been buying all my fabric at our local Ukay (thrift store) over here. I lovee buying it there because their fabric literally comes from all different countries-and it’s super cheap! I’ve also been having alot of my clothes sewn lately. This one is probably by far my favorite. It’s a casual-yet it’s a “wear it to church” kind of dress also. It’s super comfy! Alsooo, I’m super excited cause my mom just had her side yard redone…

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Fashion Ministry Personal


June 12, 2016

The past week has been so busy!! So much has gone on. I’m not complaining though. I enjoy it!! It keeps me focused. Getting to see and be a part of things helps me alot. Last Saturday one of the families in our church that work in government, asked Ryan to come teach Salvation to some kids and parents. They were going to be giving out school supplies so they wanted the people there to hear the Gospel before they…

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