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August 10, 2017

Yesterday I posted about how my sister has started meal prepping for all of us. Some people messaged and asked if could share some of the recipes. So I am. It’s only been two days but seriously I don’t know why we didn’t start this sooner. Cooking over here (especially because of the heat) or because of the different stuff going on, it can sometimes be so tiring!! So preparing meals ahead of time is so much easier and convenient.…

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August 9, 2017

I asked Ryan to snap a picture of my “bump” earlier. He looked at me..laughed..and then took the picture. haha Probably because there is no bump haha..I’m 13-14 weeks pregnant now though. He laughs at me cause I do a countdown everyday of how many weeks i have left. I am so new to all these feelings. We had a doctors appointment yesterday. The baby is fine. We got to see its feet and hands. It is realllly starting to…

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INSECURITY: How it is effecting so many girls

August 1, 2017

Last week we spent four days in Hong Kong. I think the one thing that was and has been on my mind while we were there and since we got home is how much I enjoyed the fact that people there just donโ€™t care about other people. I know that may sound bad, but in a way, it was so refreshing for me. I didnโ€™t see one person look at what another person was wearing or comment on what another…

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July 30, 2017

We’ve been back from our Hong Kong trip for 3 days now. That trip wore me out. To top it off me and Ryan were motion sickness the whole entire flights coming home. I pray my baby doesn’t inherit our motion sickness. I feel for anyone that gets it. That’s what surprises me so much about this pregnancy is I was expecting to go into full blast nausea and vomiting all the time. PRAISE JESUS that’s not the case. We…

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July 25, 2017

Everyone assumes that living in a foreign country is just so great for us…which IT IS…except when it comes to visas and the things we have to go through and pay to continue living there. We had to go out of the country this week for me and hannah’s visas. So we decided to go to Hong Kong. We came here as a family a couple of years ago and i remember thinking ‘i want to come back here again.’…

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11 weeks.

July 22, 2017

I am now 11 weeks. I know this sounds weird but sometimes I forget i’m pregnant! I don’t have any symptoms other than going to the bathroom every 5 minutes or wanting to sleep all day. We are going out of town this week so I had to make a quick appointment to make sure I was good to go. Last time i went in for a check-up I was told i had placenta previa, which could result in me…

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