Luke’s First Valentines

February 14, 2018

I just had to take pictures of our little family for our first Valentines together.ย I was cracking up the whole time, cause Luke’s socks were a little too big on him. Poor thing. He really is so tiny. In pictures he looks big but he’s so tiny. So alot of his stuff is still tiny on him. But it’s the only thing red I had so we went for it. In one picture too he has on these jean pants that are still HUGE on him. Yeah we took those off after the first 3 shots!

Ahhh I just love this kid! He is so cool. Everyone says he looks like Ryan and my Dad..no one tells me he looks like me..which is okay..cause I think he got my cool personality..and a personality will take him much farther in life. haha jk!!! I have no idea who’s personality he has yet.

Anyway by the end of this photoshoot we were SWEATING! We used our tripod and then would take turns taking pictures of each other with Luke. It was hot but so worth it. I will cherish these pics forever. Sorry for the overload. I just couldn’t choose a few to post . So I’m posting them all. Happy Valentines everyone!

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