February 4, 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for me and Luke. Luke Bryan finally arrived Thursday around 5:30 pm weighing 7.8 pounds. He literally changed our whole world within SECONDS!

For the past few weeks we have been waiting for him to arrive. Our doctor told us there was a chance he would be arriving early so we kept expecting him to come middle of January. After the 3rd week we both were just like “this kid isn’t coming till HE wants to.” I mean i literally did everything-walking, squats, riding on the motor…i even jumped on my bed one night thinking that would speed it up. Haha And he moved and kicked all the time so i kept thinking if he’s so squished or uncomfortable in there why won’t he just come out already? We both were so excited for him to get here.

On January 31st i woke up around 3am in the morning cleaning. I couldn’t sleep. I just had this urge that i needed to be up DOING SOMETHING. So I washed the dishes…put away stuff…and cleaned the house. I finally laid down around 4:30 but I just felt different. I woke up around 9am and felt really off-no pains or anything like that-I just felt different. When i went to the restroom I noticed I was bleeding…not much…but enough for me to text my mom and ask if that was okay? She said it was and for me just to monitor it. So I did. I just knew that this was it. So many other people had told me how they had bled without their water breaking or having contractions. So I got up and got dressed and just kind of tried to stay busy, then later on my Mom text and told me to be ready cause she was taking me to the hospital. So I called Ryan and told him it was time to go the hospital. To say he was excited is an understatement! So we got loaded in the truck and went to the hospital. I knew my Mom was nervous ha! She never said anything but she’s a mom and I knew she was nervous about me giving birth. I remember praying throughout the day for God to give her grace and calm her.

We arrived at the ER and the nurse took my BP and some information. They had me change and within 15 mins they were wheeling me up to the OR. All I could think was “ohhh my word! This is it!” When I got to the ER almost 8 people surrounded me. They were all intrigued by this white girl speaking Cebuano. They all greeted me and asked me like 50 questions. I then got wheeled into a room where there were 3 hospital beds. One was occupied by a woman who went into labor that night. And the other one was my bed. I still at this point wasn’t feeling any contractions and wasn’t dialated at all. They called my doctor and he told them to induce me. I had no idea what was coming after that. As I lay in this room my family and Ryan were outside of the OR. Good thing I had wifi in there or I would’ve gone crazy. I tried to keep them updated with each thing I felt or experienced. Then the “fake” contractions started. I call them fake because of having to be induced haha! And boy did they hurt. I am such a whimp! Seriously i have such a low tolerance for pain. After awhile they started to increase and I was crying by then-my doctor came and told them to give me pain reliever which eventually knocked me out for the NIGHT. He knew I needed a night of rest before I went into labor the next day. I had no idea what was coming!

So the next day I woke up and was so happy because I literally slept like a BABY. I was now

dialated 1-2cm. The contractions also started back but this time they were stronger and closer together. Once again I was in pain. The doctor ordered me to have an ultrasound so Ryan my Mom and sister were able to go down with me as I got the ultrasound. They informed me that everything on the ultrasound looked good and that the baby was healthy and moving. It always eased me to hear the baby was fine. I knew he was fine because the whole time he didn’t stop kicking or moving. They kept a monitor beside me where I could hear his heartbeat the whole time I lay in that room. I honestly felt so lonely. The doctor was so kind though-he let Ryan come in several times and check in on me and hold my hand. It definitely helped!!

Around 11 I was dialated to 4cm and the doctor said I could have an epidural by then. He originally had told me he wouldn’t give me the epidural until I was at least 6cm but he gave in and let me have it at 4. I was so stinkin’ excited all I could think was “YES! Im not gunna have to feel this pain.” The doctor did warn me though that there was a chance i would feel some pain because Luke was face up instead of face down. So they wheeled me into ONE of the delivery rooms where they loaded me onto a table where they gave me the epidural. I was so giddy! Like I said I was just so excited to not have to feel the pain.

So for the first 30 mins after being given the epidural I was on cloud 9. I laid there with such relief…until I felt that contraction…and then another one..then another one. There was a nurse who sat right beside me to monitor me. I looked over and said “why am I feeling pains? Isn’t this supposed to be painless?” She looked confused too as to why I was feeling pain. She phoned my doctor and he told her to give me another dosage. So she did. But that didn’t help and by now the contractions were coming on so strong. I again informed her I was in pain!! She again phoned my doctor who instructed her to give me another dosage. Still it didn’t help. I was no having full on contractions. When the nurse checked me around 2:45 I was now 8-9cm.. they called my doctor and I was moved into another delivery room so that Ryan could be in there with me. I was in PAIN!! I mean full on PAIN.

At 3 they called my doctor and told him I was ready to start pushing. I anxiously lay there waiting for him to arrive because I knew once he got there it was time to start. My nurse kept checking me to see if I was further along. I was now a 10cm and ready to push. My doctor got there around 4:00 and it all just went CRAZY from there. I began to start pushing. This was my first time so the nurses were all teaching me how to breathe and when to push. Our delivery room was real small and there were literally about 10 people in there. The nurses from the nursery came in to watch because they were all intrigued by what the baby was going to look like ha! I literally had my own cheering squad. They would shout “GO MA’AM! YOU CAN DO IT! Push harder!” Haha.

I had trouble pushing at first and was making no progress whatsoever. Like I said doc had warned me I would have a little trouble because the baby was face up. So Ryan and me prayed and asked God to flip the baby over. I told God how NO ONE could make that baby turn around except Him..My doctor told me I had TWO HOURS to get this baby out or I was going to have to have a Csection. Then almost 10 mins later he looked at me and said “You’ve got 15 mins to push him out if not-Were going for a CSECTION” WHAT?? He said 2 hours now he was only giving me 15 MINS?! I looked at him and said “NO DOC! IM GOING TO DO THIS” I had prayed the whole 9 months that I wouldn’t have to have a Csection. I looked over at ryan and said “TEXT MY DAD HAVE HIM GATHER EVERYONE TO PRAY AND GET ON YOUR KNEES AND ASK GOD TO HELP ME PUSH THIS BABY OUT.” So he knelt beside my bed and held me hand and prayed. In less than 10 mins the doctor looked up and said “Okay he’s moving down. We’re making progress.” I was DETERMINED to push this baby out. I begged God to give me strength, that I knew I absolutely did not have, to push this baby out. Like I said i had a whole support group in there and they were all cheering me on. But for a few seconds there I came sooo close to giving in and telling the doctor Id take the Csection but God held me back. And in that very moment i looked up and saw the reflection in my doctors glasses and saw the baby’s head and thats when I gave it my all. I screamed so loud my family could hear me outside of the OR. I even pushed so hard my BP went straight up to 280. Then I finally heard Ryan say “Babe! He’s almost out!” And then I heard everyone shouting “YOU DID IT! He’s out!” Like I hadn’t felt it hahaha hello! The epidural was of no effect. I felt EVERYTHING!! Then they all began to clap!!

I have to admit I didnt get emotional I didn’t even cry…i mean I was so happy to see my baby and know he was safe..but I literally had just gone through the worst pain of my life and all I could think was “IM SO GLAD THAT IS OVER!!” I looked over at Ryan and he was bawling. I told him to go out and tell everyone he had arrived! When he walked out my mom said he was crying so hard. I later found out that he was crying so hard because it was so painful for him to watch me in so much pain. And that when i looked over at him and smiled after Luke came out he was so relieved. Haha i just love that man! He keeps telling me how proud of me he is and how I was so strong!! Within seconds our whole world was different. We became parents!!!!

Im sure there are so many little things I left out but and this whole post probably seems so scattered. My mind will forever be scattered haha! Everyone here is in shock when I tell them I had it normal. Haha i guess they just assumed I would go for the Csection since I have such low tolerance for pain! But I feel like such a warrior that I was able to do it!!! I accomplished something I never thought I was capable of doing. I accomplished it all with Gods help!!!

All I can say is GOD gave me every ounce of strength I had during that time and I felt everyones prayers!! The first night was awful. I couldn’t sleep because of the ‘trauma’ haha i had gone through. I am slowly recovering now and all I can do is praise God for how GOOD He was to us. I had a bad UTI before giving birth so our baby boy has to stay a few extra days to be monitored. They don’t allow the baby’s to come to the room after birth here…so he’s been in the nursery this whole time. I cant wait till we get to bring him home. He is the coolest kid ever. We both are so overwhelmed by Gods grace!!

From the bottom of both of our hearts THANK YOU TO EVERY single one of you who prayed for us!!! We honestly felt every single one of your prayers.

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  • Reply Pia Colada February 5, 2018 at 3:11 PM

    Abie this is amazing! You are amazing! I teared up! I wanna hug you right now! Im very happy for you & Ryan for being blessed with baby Luke. You are such a trooper along with your family. This is an amazing story and testimony concerning God’s love and compassion towards us. Thank you for sharing! ♡♡♡

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