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January 29, 2018

I”ve said it so many times on my blog but the thing I love the most about living here is that I get to see so many people that go without or live such simple lives it always helps as a reminder that I don’t need everything that I think I need or want. No
this is not a post about if you have stuff or buy stuff you are a bad person! Not at all!!! If you have the money to buy it and can afford it WHY NOT?

Yesterday I had to help my mom in the church nursery with some stuff. I noticed that one baby’s diaper bag was this tiny gift bag. I also noticed how some of the baby’s didn’t even have diaper bags. I remember telling Ryan, “Stuff like this helps me to remember that Luke will be FINE if ever he goes without.” My mom bought me a very nice diaper bag…but when I looked at that diaper bag this morning I looked at it in such a different way. I looked at it with so much more of a thankful heart!!!! I know it’s just a diaper bag…but little things like that really help me. Throughout this whole pregnancy I’ve tried to take mental note of different things that I want to teach my son. I’ve also been pretty good at holding back on splurging on him and just buying a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t need. haha That’s partly because sooo many people have been such a blessing in giving to our son. It’s also really gotten me in the mood to want to do DIY’s..I get so excited when I find something random to redo or makeover.

One of our medical missionary doctors that lives next door to us, gave me a gift yesterday for Luke. It was this set of baby stuff. It came in this box that had 9 little square pockets. At first I wanted to throw it out cause I had no idea what I could possibly turn it into. Then I took all of the stuff out stared at the box and remembered…I need a diaper organizer. And I hadn’t seen ANY of the style or type I was wanting at the malls etc. So I decided to try this…and it was PERFECT. Exactly what I was wanting. And it was already BLUE so I just left it the way it was. Ryan laughed when I showed him what I had done. He had no idea that’s what I was going to do with the box so it threw him off guard. I had to remind him that I saved him some moneyyyy!ย 

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