January 28, 2018

I’m honestly so glad I made it to 39 weeks. I admit AT FIRST…part of me wanted him to come sooner..only because our doctor mentioned that he was ready to come at any time back when I was 36 weeks. But we had so much to get done on the house and stuff to take care of that now that it’s done and taken care of I’M 100% ready for him to come! I can relax and just enjoy when he comes.

It’s so funny listening to everyones different opinions and predictions of when he’s coming. Every Sunday I get like 50 belly rubs of people asking “NO BABY YET?” Haha. I thinks it’s sweet though. Everyone is so excited to see him. The funniest part is they are all anxious to see if he’s going to be brown or white or have my nose or Ryans. The obsession with their noses here is so funny! I just hope he has a nose haha!

Hopefully next time I blog..he’ll be here! Please pray that I have a fast, safe delivery. I am super nervous!

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