January 3, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope you all had an awesome time with family and friends. My holiday was great! I can’t believe this was our last holiday just the two of us! I cant believe how close its getting to meeting our son! Anyway on a totally different topic-I thought I’d share something that’s really been on my mind these past few days-OUR HOME.

I remember the day me and Ryan went to do our gift registry for our wedding. It was probably the funnest thing we did in preparation for our wedding! I remember laughing and messing around the whole time. I think it was the fact that we had to wait like 5 minutes each time we picked something out fir the sales lady to write down every detail of the item we were buying. Yup no fancy gadget to use. Every time I would see something I liked I remember asking Ryan if that was something he wanted and each time he’d say “Whatever you want!” The thing is he wasn’t just saying it to get it over with (maybe he was ha!) he actually meant it. He wanted me to have everything that I WANTED.

I also remember though everytime we would pick out something I would say “Ohh lets get this or extra for when we have a party or a get together at the house.” After a couple times of using that line Ryan asked “Umm, Ab…how many parties or get togethers are you planning on having?” I would just laugh and say “Babe, I want to have people into our home alot.” Then He would say how that that was fine but that we should pick out stuff to make it OUR home not just pick out stuff for catering others. At the time I remember being a little frustrated I may have even taken it a little offensively. I mean here I was trying to pick out things to “be a blessing” to others when we had them over one day and Ryan was ruining my excitement. So I thought. I should’ve listened to him.

Fast forward to almost 2 years since that day and all I can say is our house is SO BORING! And here I am now trying to get rid of a bunch of STUFF that I picked out in order to cater to OTHERS. Im stuck with a bunch of stuff that really isn’t me or the style I want for my home, all because I was thinking about creating our our home for OTHERS…instead of making it OUR HOME. Seriously our house is boring-And it’s not Ryans fault…it’s mine! I have missed out on making our home feel like a HOME all because I was worried about others. The thing is I even failed in that area. It’s so boring I don’t even feel like inviting people into our home.

Yes, we’ve had people over several times but nothing like I had planned or I thought we would like I kept insisting on that day we were gift registering. Now don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with thinking of others…but it is wrong when others come before your own family. And that’s what I did. I realize now that I created my home to make others feel welcome instead of creating my home for the soul purpose of pleasing the most important person-my husband, Ryan. And now that we have a son on the way I realize it even more. It doesn’t feel like OUR home because I haven’t spent my time making it feel like OUR home.

Awhile back we redid our bedroom and i’ve spent more time out of any other part in our home trying to fix it up. I always try to keep it smelling good and clean (I don’t always succeed) but I notice that its the only place that Ryan ever really compliments that he likes to walk into. He tells me how relaxing it feels. Don’t worry! I don’t take offence to it…In fact I don’t blame him…because I feel the EXACT same way. I do not like to be in any other part of our home except our bedroom. Haha! Which got me to really thinking when I was going over the different things I wanted to change this year…and one of them was MAKING OUR HOME FEEL LIKE OUR HOME.

I started thinking how I want when Ryan walks in the front door he AUTOMATICALLY feels that sense of “ahhhh I love coming home”…I want him to feel relaxed whichever room he walks into, not just our bedroom. Yes I still plan on having people into our home. I am determined though to do everything I can to make it feel like OUR home.

So i’m going to start a makeover on our home. We live on a tight budget right now so it will definitely be a slow process…and we have a kid arriving soon…so it could be an even slower process haha, but I’m going to do it!! I’ve said this over and over…I am not a designer…I honestly think Im the worst at it. But I am going to try to push myself and learn to design. I’m going to be doing little projects here and there to makeover our home. Like I mentioned we live on a tight budget so I hope to help others as I design our home to realize you don’t have to spend alot of money to get the design you want (to help myself realize that too!). I’m big on saving and finding a cheaper/ DIY way of doing things, so I decided I’m going to share this journey as I design our home! I hope you’ll follow along and even share some ideas! We are currently renovating our bathroom and I cant wait to show you once it’s all finished. I’m so excited!!

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