December 28, 2017

Dear Abie

-its OKAY to cry sometimes. You’ll actually feel better once you do. It doesn’t mean you are weak.

-don’t focus so much on what you DON’T have.

-stop comparing yourself. You are only making yourself miserable.

-there is more to life than LIKES. don’t seek to be known. And if you are known make sure you’re making Jesus KNOWN.

-do something nice for someone you don’t like.

-just give that person a Gospel tract. No matter how uncomfortable you may be. It could change their life.

-it’s okay to say NO.

-master your moms home cooked gravy!

-take more photos for YOU not to just have something to post…but to have those memories.


-seriously you gotta stop taking everything SO personal.

-if someone is unkind to you…use it as a learning time to know how not to treat someone else or make someone else feel.

-don’t punish yourself because you want chocolate.

-drink more water.

-write more letters.

-always put your family first.

-don’t hold grudges.

-tell the people you love…that you love them everyday. You don’t know when it will be their last day.

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