December 9, 2017

This crib is just another answer to prayer. We originally were praying for extra money to be able to buy some wood because Ryan was just going to build him a crib…We just didn’t really want to spend alot of money on a crib. God answered our prayer though but in HIS own way. My mom called us the other day to come out to the truck..and when we opened the back of the truck she had a white wooden baby crib for us. The crazy thing is…me and my mom had gone to the mall the other day and were looking for some stuff for someone else’s baby and I happened to glance over at the cribs and I saw this EXACT one and for a minute I thought “That is so beautiful…I wish we could get that one!” But I instantly put it out of my mind…because you know how it is sometimes we’re already asking for something else so we kind of feel awkward changing our prayer. But i still prayed a silent prayer that it would be nice to have that one..But I forgot about it. Until my Mom had us open the back of the truck. It’s absolutely something I will cherish forever. To one day be able to pass this crib on to my kids that came from their grandmother is a kind of happiness i can’t explain.

The best part was getting to set it up together. Ryan got really emotional once it was all sat up. He says almost everyday how excited he is for our son to get here. I can’t wait either..but like I said before I am cherishing these last days with just the two of us as much as I can!! We both still haven’t bought Luke be honest so many people have already given so much for him. I always tell Ryan how I want to do things for other mothers that maybe can’t afford things or want something for their baby…not that we won’t do things for our kid or invest in him..haha…I guess I just look at it as God has already been so good to our little boy..I want to turn around and in some way do things for others as a way of saying thank you to God for HIS goodness!!!

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