November 30, 2017

My mom gave me box of her extra Christmas decorations and christmas lights. I was so excited because I wanted soooo badly to have some kind of Christmas decoration in our house this year because of it being our last as just the two of us. I wanted our home to feel “holiday-ish” for Ryan ha!

Our table now has a Christmas tablecloth and our kitchen area now has a small wreath above it!

I LOVE Christmas lights so much! Especially the different colored ones. So of course I wanted those the most. So my friend helped me wrap them all along the ceiling of my living room over into the kitchen and past our back hallway. Unfortunately we used tape the first time around so while we were putting up the ones outside on the porch they all fell down. (The picture was right before they all fell) So we had to come up with a different way! It looks and feels so “holiday-ish” now though!! I can actually leave all our house lights off because the Christmas lights give alot of light already. Ahhh I just love the way our little apartment feels now!!! We also had a little friend of ours come over today:) Her names Yumi (I’m probably soelling that wrong:) Oh well!) This girl is the sweeeetest kid! She is so kind and super fun to hang out with. I invited her to ride her back over and come see my lights. She loved them! She stayed for awhile and played some game on the I-pad with Ryan then we played Lincoln Logs. .pretty soon we’re going to have toys everywhere! I still have a few things I want to do with our porch. But just having the lights up makes me all giddy!!! I honestly cannot believe it’s DECEMBER again. Time goes by so fast. I’m getting closer to having this kid so I know i’m going to be feeling more emotions and feelings as I get even closer..I am determined though to realllly enjoy this holiday. And now that my house is decorated I’m definitely going to be hosting a Christmas party this year.

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