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November 29, 2017

Well I’m almost 7 months now. I think I said that last time ha! But I honestly haven’t been keeping track. I just keep counting down…because Doc says baby could come January I’ve kind of just focused on that date!!

 Is it totally impatient to want this baby to come soon??!! Not just for the fact that I absolutely cannot get a good nights sleep, but because I just cannot wait to love all over this kid!!! I wake up all the time in the middle of the night just thinking about him. I think the thing I’m most excited about though is getting to see Ryan with him. It feels so unreal that we are going to have our own little family. I feel so blessed. I really do.

We still haven’t bought a single thing for this kid! haha. Several people have given us baby clothes…and because he’s a boy Ryan said he can wear things over and over again. haha! Our house right now is a MESS. I’m wanting to do so many different things with it before he comes. It fills dull…I like bright colors and the previous owners had painted it like a brownish tan..I’m just not feeling it…I NEED some color in here!! I’m trying to decide what to start with first. I always get nervous when it comes to decorating or renovating..cause I really don’t have much design skill. I will definitely be taking before and after pictures though of whatever I do. Who knows it MIGHT just turn out to be something I like. I love the yellow mustard color for some reason. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that in there.

I wore this skirt tonight to church but changed out of it as soon as it was over because I didn’t realize how tight it was around my waist even up above my belly! I can’t wait to be able to fit back into regular clothes again. It’s been fun being able to fit into bigger clothes…but I miss my old clothes. Ohhh!! Also praise Jesus!! We found someone to take our two chickens! haha I just can’t handle them anymore. They are kind of disgusting. Or maybe I just don’t know how to raise them. So we asked one of the Bible students to take them. We’re also renovating our bathroom soon so we’ll be moving the rabbit into it’s own home on our porch. I think he’s more excited than we are. Poor thing has such a boring life in there!

Remember I mentioned how I take all my photos…today Ryan came out and took these for me….It felt sooo awkward. I’m so used to doing it myself and just being me..It’s nerve wrecking to have someone else take them. BUT it was sooo much easier not having to go back and forth to check if i was in focus if the picture was okay…seriously I feel like I’m going to go into labor doing that! hopefully he reads this and can be my personal photographer from now on!! :) haha. It’s been SO hot here lately and sometimes it can cause me to get cranky..which i try SO hard not to, because no one likes a cranky pregnant woman. I still cannot get comfortable sleeping at night. I literally have tried every position. I usually just fall asleep without even knowing it because of the exhaustion of tossing and turning so much..but end up waking up 30 minutes or more later just to start all over again. He kicks ALL the time..which I’m hoping is a good thing. I have to admit it was ADORABLE at first now it just hurts haha. Ryan always asks me “Still want to have those 12 kids?” haha…Yeah I’ve had to rethink that whole dream through again. I do still want a big family though!!

I am also starting to love blogging more now. I had gotten to where I felt overwhelmed to blog stuff. I think I’ll love it even more once the kid comes. I won’t feel the need to insert myself in can be all about him ha! I do appreciate all of you who follow along though. I have to admit I don’t really know who follows because my blog is kind of wacko. I am in the process though of trying to find someone to help me with my blog. There is alot about the technical side of it that I don’t understand so I need help in that area!! I want to be able to put more time and effort into making this space a fun, uplifting place for you to come!



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