November 25, 2017

I love whenever I get to go with Ryan on his Saturday Bible class. He usually helps me do mine and then leaves with a group of young boys to teach his classes. So whenever something comes up and his guys can’t go with him I GET TO GO:)

He recently was moved to a new area to start new Bible classes because he turned his old ones over to the guy he had trained. So all his classes now are new and all the faces are new. So this morning it worked out where I got to go with him. I was so excited to meet his new group of kids. He had been promising them he would bring me one week for them meet. Alot of them have never met a white girl so it’s funny to watch their reactions when we pull up on the motor.

Right now because of these being new classes there aren’t a whole lot of kids…but the ones that do come are so cuteee!! I always think of how God is going to use them. It’s neat to see the different workers that go out on our Saturday news classes now that were once students. Alot of the kids from my class don’t want to come to my class anymore they want to go on the Bible classes with the groups because they said they want to teach kids about Jesus now. That makes me so happy to hear kids wanting to tell others about Jesus and serve him rather than just talking about some career position they want when they grow up.

At the first class the kids had all these questions for me. “when is your baby coming?”…”is it a boy or girl?”…”what’s it’s name?”…”will it be white or dark?”…”do you have a facebook?” …and so on! Haha They even held my belly to see if they could feel something. I always love doing the fake kick when they put their heads on my tummy and they get all excited cause they think it’s a real kick.haha Then once one tries it they all have to try it. One little boy was nervous to try it but right as we were leaving I felt his little head lay against my tummy so I did the fake kick…and I heard him mumble “woww! It really kicks“!! Haha

Ryans started promising the kids little magic tricks with Bible lessons that go with them, to the kids each week. They love it. I love how entertained they are with such simple things. I love watching him teach too!! He absolutely loves kids (which I consider a bonus for when we have our own). He knows how to make them laugh and make them feel loved. I am so thankful for his heart to teach kids about Jesus.

Two weeks ago Ryan found a new area and asked me to go with him to ask for permission to do a weekly Bible class there. That day I was able to lead 5 of these girls to the Lord. They were so open!! The parents agreed to let us do a class there. It had rained earlier this morning and it looked like it was going to start raining again. It had started to sprinkle on our way there so we prayed and asked God to hold off on the rain just till we could go to this new area and teach them a Bible Lesson. We didn’t want them to be disappointed if we didn’t show up. They were so excited when we got there. I did not want to get up this morning. To be honest when I walked out my door I wasn’t feeling very sociable or excited. But when we got home and I walked back in our door I felt a total different feeling. I was excited and HAPPY. I cannot WAIT to one day take our son on Bible classes. I know he’s going to love it!!!

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