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Choosing Healthier Options Without Going Bankrupt

November 23, 2017

I honestly feel so fortunate to live in a foreign country where I’m surrounded by so many different healthy, herbal things…literally just growing on the sides of the roads. The Filipinos have so much knowledge when it comes to healthy lifestyle or treating things naturally.

It can be frustrating sometimes with how expensive healthy things are sold for today! I mean have you been inside a HEALTH FOOD store?!! I mean no wonder people stick with non healthy stuff they can’t afford the healthy, natural stuff. I really want to be able to make healthier choices for me and Ryan and especially for this kid. In the hopes of not having to shell out so much money just to do it. Like I said we are surrounded over here with so many herbs and healthy choices that we sometimes don’t have to even pay for. We can just pick them off the plants growing outside our houses.

One of my favorite plants here is “Tawa-Tawa”. It has sooo many health benefits. One of the things they use it for over here is when someone gets Dengue. They make it into a juice and have the person drink it. We use it alot too when one of us gets real sick.

Anywayyy…one of my good lady friends in the church has been sharing all the different natural things she uses. She said how when she was pregnant she didn’t take ANY medicine. And how she never gave her son medicine. He’s now 15 and never once been to the doctor! I was instantly drawn to that because I had decide at the beginning I didn’t want to take any medicine while being pregnant. Thankfully I’ve been able to avoid any medicine!! I recently had a bad UTI and was prescribed several different medicines but opted out of taking them and went with something natural and was able to clear it up right away!! There are so many ways to be healthy without going broke. I am determined to learn as much as I can especially before our boy gets here.

This is going to sound so weird to some people it did to me before…but now that I’ve tried it it definitely doesn’t seem weird!! For awhile now I’ve been having a really hard time walking like I’ve felt so heavy and super full kind of like an AIR balloon haha. Im serious walking even just to the kitchen took so much time and it drained me!. So I was telling this lady about it and she told me how that she felt that way when she was pregnant and how an older lady had told taught her a way to help…and how it worked and it made giving birth so much easier! I obviously haven’t given birth yet so I can testify on that part. Obviously the older people know alot more cause they didn’t have all the medicine and toxic stuff back then. She told her how that that feeling was the feeling of AIR stuck inside of your stomach. They say it’s from the aircon or fan…or really alot of different things…It’s honestly a hard thing to explain…i used to think it was crazy but it’s actually true. She said how you put these leaves called “TUBA-TUBA” all around your stomach at night and tie a cloth around them and how it draws out that excess Air. She washes them then kind of lays them on the fire to dry them…then she rubs my belly with Efficascent (which by the way is a must-have) then wraps the leaves all the way around. (sorry but I am not sharing what it looks like wrapped around me-helllo WHALE!) it feels AMAZING though! The mint feeling from the Efficascent is SO relaxing. I leave them on for a couple hours and then they shrivel up and end up looking like the photo below. That meant it was working…it was drawing out the excess air in my stomach. I admit when she first told me I didn’t believe it…but it is TRUE!! It really works!!! They shrivelled up so fast and ended up being all crunchy within a short amount of time. The first day I felt a little different but now that I’ve been doing it for almost a week, I feel GREAT! I literally can walk perfectly with no pressure in my stomach and Im growing so much now so this is HUGE for me. And I think the kid loves it too because he’s been moving alot! Ha! She comes almost everyday and wraps me up in them…I’m trying to learn so that I can do it myself. I’m so thankful though that she shared this with me because it’s definitely made things alot easier on me. And I haven’t had to spend a single peso…she just picks them off the side of the road everyday! This is the life. If you have any natural living tips (preferably ones that I dont have to go bankrupt on) please send them to me!! I definitely want to be able to live a healthier natural lifestyle for my family.

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