Fashion Pregnancy


November 19, 2017

Β Before I got pregnant I asked my sister if I could have this dress that she had been keeping. Of course I was a TWIG then and not pregnant…so I told her I would just get it downsized to fit me. Haha Definitely never thought I would EVER be able to wear it just the way it was, but here i am. I know it’s probably weird that I document my outfits each week , but I guess I want to be able to look back one day at all the things I never thought I’d fit in and ended up fitting in during my pregnancy. I however do not know how much longer I will be able to take photos of myself. I take all of my photos so I have to do alot of running back and forth to my camera on a tripod making sure everything is in focus and the photo taken is okay. I’m starting to realize I don’t have as much energy to do that anymore as I used to.

I will be 7 months on the 28…I think! I can’t wait till our boy gets here! Please please pray for me though…I am so anxious about giving birth!

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