Fashion Pregnancy


November 15, 2017

Β  I feel SO heavy right now. I know i may sound so whiny for saying that..but I do. My mom always laughs cause i tell her i feel heavy and i’m ready for it to come and she always says “You’ve got about 3 more months of that.” It never makes me feel any better haha. Ever since our accident my tummy will feel tight at times. Like i said these feelings are all so new to me. It’s even harder because I know i’m supposed to be resting and taking it easy, but it’s SO HARD. I am a go-go kind of person. My brain is constantly running. So when I feel tired and lay down I end up getting right back up because I think of something i need to do or have to get done.

I bought this skirt online awhile back and got this shirt from one of my favorite shops over here to buy shirts at – Bench. I literally have 4, all in BLACK, and wear them over and over. They are so comfy and the fabric is so soft! My mom and sister give me outfits or blouses to wear and I’m thinking NO WAY that is going to fit and then I try it on and I’m thinking “what??!” It’s awesome!! Stuff never fit me before…everything just hung off me..know with this bump it makes it so interesting.Β 

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