Fashion Pregnancy


November 12, 2017

 Finding things to wear has been sooo hard!! It’s so weird for me to try on clothes that once fit me so perfect and now I can’t even zip up or get on! In a way though it’s kind of nice, it’s forced me to clean out my closet. I do love maxi dresses though. I love dresses. period. but maxi dresses are the best. My mom got me this one the other day and i couldn’t wait to wear it! It’s weird how excited I get now just to be able to wear something comfortable!!

Also remember how someone gave us two native GIRL chickens?? Well one of them has just been popping out an egg each day for the past 5 days! haha I have NEVER heard of that in my life. Ryan said it’s normal for the feeds they’re being fed…but I just can’t wrap it around my head how!! Anyway, I haven’t cooked one yet..part of me is nervous to try..BUT I think i’m going to try one tomorrow! The lady who gave us the chickens is giving us a boy chicken so that’s a can have eggs the normal way! I have NO clue whatsoever about raising chickens..but i do love them in a very strange unexplainable way! 

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