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November 10, 2017

Awhile back I was feeling SO overwhelmed. So much had been going on. It just felt like I was suffocating from all the worries and problems!! It was such an overwhelming feeling that I didn’t even feel like praying. I had gotten up real early that morning though to go walk and spend some extra time with God. Honestly I didn’t feel like it, but I knew I NEEDED IT. So I walked for a little while and then I went and found myself a little hidden corner and got on my knees. Still not wanting to. I didn’t really know what to say. You know how it is sometime we assume that God doesn’t know how we already feel or what we’re thinking. I was kind of embarrassed to vent to Him. So I just started praying. At first I kind of fake prayed. Kind of like I was just going through the motion of it. Then I noticed I started to vent…I began to tell God how frustrated I felt and how I just felt like EVERYTHING was going wrong and that He wasn’t blessing me!! I told him that it’s as if He was too busy to answer my prayers or to bless me. hahaha I cringe now thinking of all the stuff I was feeling. Anyway He let me vent..and then, He spoke. He asked me “You know why you think I’m not blessing you? Because you haven’t been counting your blessings!”ย It was literally like He had grabbed me by the face and looked me straight in the eye and said that. I sat there for a few minutes speechless (haha im never speechless). I was now though. He was SO RIGHT. I was so overwhelmed and so discouraged and pretty much pitying myself for one simple reason. I had stopped counting my blessing. I then bowed my head again and started praying VERY different. I began to start naming off the different ways He had blessed me or was blessing me. Instantly my whole attitude changed. I felt that heavy burden of worries and problems being lifted. I literally began to name even the tiniest ways He had blessed me. That day changed me. Am I worry free or problem free? Haha Yah, never! But I know how to approach them now in better way. I love that song “Count your Blessings, name them ONE by ONE.” We sing it all the time, but now I sing it with a whole different approach.

I live in a country where DAILY I see the unreal hardships and sadness people go through. To be honest it should be enough reason for me to realize how blessed I am. But sometimes it’s not. I’m selfish and can be very self centered at times. I don’t want to be though. I want to daily count my blessings. I want to one day teach our son to daily count his blessings too!! I also love that verse in the Bible,ย “…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed find a hidden corner get on your knees and I promise it will make HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!ย 

Anyway, my doctor said this baby could come January 30th instead of February 10. Please just pray I have a quick safe delivery. I am really nervous. I try to stay positive though because the Doctor said it really has an effect on me and the baby! I feel so heavy though!!! I still can’t get comfortable at night when I sleep but it’s okay. It helps me get up early. haha! I cannot wait to meet our son!! We picked out his name..!!! So now when I talk to him I use his name. He kicks so hard now. At first I thought it was cute now not so much!! They hurt! I am just glad though he’s still makes my heart so happy!!!


P.S That cat I’m holding in the picture..I HATE HER. She’s so annoying. I only picked her up because she wouldn’t leave me ALONE while I was taking pictures! Also I need my bangs cut ASAP!


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