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November 3, 2017

I literally have to fight the urge every single day to just STAY IN BED. I know there is nothing wrong with resting..but I have to make myself get up because I know that as much as possible I need to stay active. I also cannot for the life of me get comfortable at night. Everyone (and GOOGLE) HAHA say that I should be laying on my left side…but for some reason when I do I can’t breathe. I feel like I need to gasp for air. Then I lay on my back (but people say I shouldn’t because of blood vessels or something I DON’T KNOW). Then there is my right side and its so uncomfortable too! So all night I toss and turn hoping just once I will find a comfort spot and be able to relax. This is all so new to me. The most devastating thing when it comes to sleeping in this pregnancy is not being able to lay on my stomach. I was a stomach sleeper!! That was my comfort zone. Also I feel like any moment if someone just pushed me a little I’d tip over. I’m super skinny (LIKE BAMBOO tree skinny) so now with this belly hanging out I just feel at some point I’m going to tip over. I know I sound SO DRAMATIC. And every single time someone ask me how many months are you and I say 6 they have to go into this LONG (someone get me a lawn chair) speech of how there is no way I am 6 months I’m so tiny. If they only knew how I am feeling 6 months so much right now. Thank God for Ryan. He seriously makes me laugh all the time. He makes fun of me and it makes me laugh!! Everytime I have to use the restroom at night he’s gotta push me up cause I can’t get up (pregnancy is the LIFE)

Thank God for games also!! For the past few months every night before bed we will play a card game together- mostly SKIP-BO. We used to just lay in bed and watch movies together but that wasn’t a very ‘building our relationship’ moment for us. You want to strengthen your marriage? Play card games or any game really. We have so much fun!! We trash talk and make fun of each other the whole game. It really brings us closer. So I recommend all you married couples that need night time couple therapy to go and buy a set of cards. 

I am REALLY trying to force myself to learn to LOVE to cook. Okay I am not exaggerating when I say-cooking over here in this heat can sometimes be so draining. It literally sucks all the energy out of you. I mean just opening the cabinet to get a pan makes you want to run and jump in a pool!! But, I have a kid on the way and a husband that needs fed…SO I really need to just learn to get over myself. Besides I should love to mom is an amazing cook…all of my aunts are good cooks..Ryans mother is a good cook….my husband is a good cook. So I really have been trying. Back in 2014 I shared a recipe I cooked once for Ryan (which he loved). He always ask me to make it. It’s not hard at all but the heat…okay I should stop making excuses. Anyway here’s the recipe if you want: RECIPE (haha had to do it) 

Today Ryan’s grandmother left to go back to Cambodia. She is a missionary there. She got to come home and visit for a few months. Ryan always loves when she’s home. She’s the reason he started coming to church. We are praying that next year we can take our kid over there and visit her!!! 

We also had the cutest 4 year old TWIN BOYS visit our church this week. They are missionary’s on deputation to go to Ghana, Africa :) We took them to TOY KINGDOM and let them pick out some toys…they had a BLAST!!! 

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