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October 29, 2017

So you all know we had said we wanted the gender to be a SURPRISE. Well, that’s kind of changed. Over here each time we go to the doctor he does an ultrasound. I’ve told him we want it to be a surprise and he’s done very good at keeping it a secret..BUT you can only do those ultrasounds for so long before you figure out what the gender is. So Thursday afternoon we had an appointment to follow up on something. I have to admit, I love those ultrasounds. Seeing the baby and hearing it’s heartbeat are moments I live for each month!! Well guess what?? We found out we are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We kind of knew it might be a boy..and everyone kept telling me I was having a boy..something about the shape of my stomach..haha! I also got told I’m having a boy because I had gotten ugly..hahaha that was a real blessing to hear! Seriously though, we are SOOOO EXCITED!!! I wanted my first kid to be a BOY so bad!!!! My mom kind of already guessed because of course she had been with us to one of our appointments and she’s also had 4 children so she can read an ultrasound pretty well. But she didn’t say anything. When we found out I called her right away and told her!! We had to run an errand at the mall so we decided since we hadn’t looked at baby clothes or anything like that, we were going to go look at baby boy clothes. I died when I saw this fox outfit set!! When we were talking about we might have a boy we wanted to decorate his room or stuff in nature fox, owl, racoon etc…It’s weird, but it felt like it was put there just for us!!! So my Mom bought it’s first little outfit…We literally just sit and stare at it sometimes. It’s so hard to realize that this kid will be here so soon!!!ย  We also had a really scary incident happen on Friday afternoon. Ryan and I were on our way to a birthday party and were in a motorcycle accident. To be honest I don’t remember all the details because it happened way to fast. I just remember seeing the wheels of the motorcycle in front of ours and knowing we were going down. We are okay and so is the baby but I am having contractions so I’m having to take medicine for it. Ryan hurt his shoulder and wrist..and I bruised my lower back and ankle. All I keep thinking is it could’ve been so much worse..we were on a main road near our house and when the accident happen I ended up half way into the middle of the road. If a car would have been coming it would have definitely ran over me. Ryan always drives slow and safe especially if I’m with when we collided with the other guy his motor went down right away but Ryan managed to keep our motor up for as long as he could and was able to catch part of me so that when I fell it wasn’t such a hard fall. He was terrified. I read it all over his face. I instantly began to assure him that I was fine. It ripped my dress, so he was scared that I was bleeding or something. He rushed me to the side of the road..of course EVERYONE came running out (most of the people knew us) so they were all so worried. I just kept assuring everyone I was fine..I was in a little shock so of course I didn’t feel anything till the next day. Ryan didn’t sleep the whole really shook him up!! But GOD is SO good. There are so many things to thank Him for. There is so much that could have gone wrong. Ryan kept apologizing that my new dress had ripped I told him that HIM, THE BABY AND ME were okay and that is ALL that I care about!!! Of course everyone keeps telling us now that we shouldn’t ride on the motorcycle anymore haha I love riding on the motorcycle! This definitely wont’ stop us from riding the motorcycle. ACCIDENTS happen..We could have been in a car or just walking and had an accident. And like I said Ryan is an extremely SAFE driver..but over here..or anywhere really sometimes it doesn’t matter how safe you drive, if someone else isn’t being a safe driver things can go very wrong. I just choose to thank God every single day for His protection!!!

P.S It was super cute cause I had to come home and change my dress, when I came back out of our gate a bunch of my kids from my Bible class on Saturdays were waiting for me. They were so worried. They said they had heard I had an accident..They said they were so worried something had happened to me because I am like a mother to them :) :) :)ย 

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