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October 23, 2017

I mentioned awhile back how Ryans been teaching my Bible class for me on Saturdays. I enjoy it!!!! It’s like our little church. Whenever we go to call the kids we have to go down this kind of steep hill to call the kids. Usually by the time we get there they are finishing up their bath and some of them have powder all over their bodies haha!!  This week these two little girls were still taking their baths. It was SO cute. They were calling out to everyone around that it was “BIBLE” time. I just love this life I get to live.

  My sister sent me this picture the other day of one of our staff lady’s kid that she adopted. She was cooking for a church activity so she put the baby in a plastic container for awhile while she worked. haha I love when I see stuff like this. It’s things like this that will remind me one day when I INSIST my kid needs something (that they really don’t) they can actually live without it. This will help save money on buying a baby bed haha jk! Seriously though, everyday I’m reminded over here of what a simple life these people live. I’m not saying it’s wrong to indulge or buy stuff, I’m just saying it’s helped me alot to see the way others live. It humbles me. These people HUMBLE me daily. 

I have REALLY been enjoying these last few months of just the two of us. People tell me when the kid comes I won’t even remember what life was like before them..which will probably be true…but still I enjoy every minute we get with each other. The baby kicks all the time..especially at night. It’s fun every night before we go to bed Ryan will talk to the baby and that’s when it kicks the most. He’s super excited. It’s really hard not knowing exactly what the gender is (although Im pretty sure it’s a boy). We almost gave in the other day and decided to just find out what it was..BUT we didn’t. People think I’m crazy or weird cause I want to wait to find out what the gender is. Haha

The doctor says I’m due February 10. I am honestly so nervous, being this is my first time and I have a veryyyyy LOW tolerance for physical pain. Please pray I have a quick (no complication) delivery. I am not even exaggerating when I say-IT MEANS THE WORLD!!

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