October 8, 2017

It feels so unreal to think that in less than a few days I will be 6 months….3 month away from meeting this kid!! what??!! Is this real life? I am seriously getting so excited!! The funny thing is I literally have not bought ONE single baby thing. haha!! I walk through the mall and see all the cute kid stuff but just haven’t ended up buying anything yet. I may just go buy a baby bottle one day just to get me started. I really feel like it’s going to be a boy…ahhh I hope it’s a boy!!! I mean of course if it’s a girl I’ll be excited too…I do hope it’s a boy though! We are having the hardest time picking out names. I already have a girl name picked out..but not a boy name..which is weird since I want a boy so bad!

I’ve tried to start working out a little each day. I feel bad I am just now starting but I’m just glad I’m starting. It has definitely helped me sleep better. I’ve also been trying to eat healthier. It’s hard..REALLY hard. Everything is so appealing. I’ve started drinking lemon water more too. It makes me feel so energetic! I will cut up a slice of lemon and stick it in a tiny glass and just keep pouring water in every few minutes. The tiny glass keeps me from that overwhelming feeling of “i’ve got to drink this much!” I’ve also been trying to take a step back and weed out alot of things in my life lately. Things I know that are hindering me or keeping me from growing. I’ve tried to read alot more. My Mom gave me a book about getting on a sleeping schedule and getting your baby on a sleeping schedule too, she told me though how that the book is really good but how that now that all of us our older she wishes she would have just held us more when we were a baby. It was definitely a mental note i took down for when I have my own babies.


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