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In the midst of happiness there is so much sadness

September 11, 2017

So, apparently I was OFF on how many weeks I was. I am 19 weeks…So I was a little advanced last time I posted my 18 weeks. Ryan had a Bible Class so my Mom and sister went with me. This was the first time my Mom had come with me. It was special having her there. The baby is healthy and growing, and I’m so thankful for that. I’d be lying if I said I don’t get nervous everytime before going to get a checkup. I had an issue with my placenta awhile back which is fine now, but now I have something called “a breech”. The doctor says the baby’s feet are where the baby’s head is supposed to be. But once again he said it’s so early it could still move. I had been having pains which is the reason I had an earlier checkup this time. He told me that it was because the baby’s feet were pushing are in the wrong place. The doctor then randomly started checking my baby’s lips and then informed me it is not hair lipped. He then checked and informed me it was not Down’s Syndrome. We all laughed because to be honest, I never even thought of that. I’d be happy with whatever it was! I have to admit, financially, it is a blessing to be pregnant over here. My checkups are only P500 pesos ($10) each time I go!! The doctor said he can’t tell if it’s a BOY or GIRL yet but everyone thinks it’s a BOY. To be honest I’m hoping it is. I’ve always wanted to be a ‘boy mama’. My sister isn’t happy about waiting to find out till it’s born. She insists on knowing now so that she can start shopping for it. haha

Last week Pastor and Mrs. Simmons and their two children were with us for our Annual Pastors and Workers Conference and then our Revival.  This was their second time to be here. This time though, they brought their kids, Jeremiah and Rachel. Ryan and I absolutely fell in love with them. They were the sweetest kids. I have to admit I wanted to bawl when they left!! They were so behaved and so respectful, so being around them was EASY!!

Our goat, Marie, is starting to adapt to life without her mama. She has a routine now so I think that helps. Every morning she ‘baaa-aas’ when she’s hungry,  then she follows Ryan down to the property and eats, comes home for a nap, goes back for awhile, then comes home for the night. I love her so much!! I know this sounds bad, but it’s easier without her Mom. We got her when she was kind of older so she wasn’t used to us. Marie gets excited when she sees us and lays her head on our chest if we hold her. Our chickens are doing great too! Every morning they make these really funny noises, then when I put their food in their cage, they both start jumping over each other. I’m getting used to this ‘farm-like’ lifestyle. 

I teach a Bible class every Saturday and for the past few weeks Ryan has been going with me and teaching for me. The kids LOVE it when he teaches. He’s so good at it. He’s not embarrassed to be crazy with them. For almost 5 months now, 3 of my kids from my extension NOW go on extension themselves and help in the Bible classes. One of those boys helps Ryan in his class. At first he was shy. He would just go and observe, but now he’s teaching the memory verse. I don’t think my heart could be any happier. I always pray that my kids will grow up and teach OTHER kids about the Bible. To see him involved makes me sooo happy!! There are so many happy things that go on here that make my heart full, yet in the midst, there is SO much sadness. It’s everywhere. While I am thanking God for the fact that my baby is healthy and growing, one woman (a Deaf lady in my Mom’s class) is grieving the loss of her baby who was born premature at 7 1/2 months.  This is her second one to lose. My heart hurts for her. The pain and the confusion she must feel right now. She was so heartbroken that she couldn’t see her baby buried because she was still in hospital recovering from a Caesarean and it had to be buried within 24 hours. So her husband and our Deaf Pastor had to do it. The baby was first wrapped in a blanket and put into a little cardboard box while they made a little wooden box for him (it was a boy). Sometimes it’s so hard to be happy and enjoy the blessing when someone else is going through such a tragedy. My Mom and another of our staff ladies spent the day yesterday helping her get discharged from the hospital and get her settled at home. My Mom brought home her dirty laundry to wash it, and when she opened the bag, there was this small bag with a few baby things for the baby. When I saw that, my heart sank. Everyday I’m thankful for the opportunity to live where I live. These people, their lives, the things they go through, remind me of how good I have it, of how selfish and demanding I can be sometimes of the things I THINK I deserve. I feel overwhelmed some days of the things God has and is teaching me during this pregnancy. I don’t take it for granted! Pray for Stephanie and her husband, Art Fel. They are both Deaf. 



  • Reply Sunshine September 11, 2017 at 9:17 AM

    I read all your blogs, but this one.. You made me laugh at first, especially when I watched the baby goat haha. But it broke my heart when I read about the tragedy, when I saw the picture of the baby stuff she had in her bag, she was expecting to take home her son with her, but she was never even given the chance of seeing him live. it is sad.. Thank God for Heaven.

    • Reply Abie September 12, 2017 at 3:20 PM

      Hi!!:) Thanks for reading:) I always like to hear from people who read my blog!:) Haha our goat is definitely spoiled! I know!! This is her second child to lose both lost to premature birth :( It’s so hard to see people go through sad things!! So true!!

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