September 3, 2017

I am so sad today. Our Mama goat ‘Hannah’ died this morning. My heart hurts. I know it’s just a goat…but attachment to animals is such a real thing in our family haha! Someone gave her to us a year ago as a wedding gift. We have NO idea what caused her death. Which frustrates me in some way because I probably could’ve saved her. We went around looking for a “goat” vet the other day but couldn’t find one. We figured we were going to lose her,,,but obviously did everything to try and nurse her back to health…but she didn’t make it. I guess the part that hurts the most is her baby goat misses her. I am thankful that the baby is older now so she’s pretty much weened off her mother, but she still baa-aaa looking for her! The baby goat ‘marie’ is staying in the back of our apartment for now..till we can figure out a cool space for her! I laid her on my lap for almost an hour and a half earlier just to calm her down. She fell asleep and i THINK she is slowly starting to get attached to me..hahaha It could be all in my head..hello!!! it’s only been a few hours. I left our back door open for her to come in if she wanted. We were having lunch and i heard her walking in the back door and ‘BAA-AAing’ to the top of her lungs! haha She saw me then just made herself comfortable on our kitchen rug. I had to take a quick shower and I mean QUICK because she was going crazy. haha I couldn’t let her in our bathroom because that’s where our rabbit stays. haha Ohhh and of this morning we now have TWO native chickens living in a cage at the back of our house! One of the family’s in our church that Ryan led to the Lord, gave them to us this morning. While me and Ryan were sitting outside trying to get the baby goat to calm down I started laughing…I said “Babe, can you believe this is our life?! haha! We have a rabbit living in our bathroom..TWO native chickens and a baby goat without a mother..We probably should’ve just got a puppy!” haha..Seriously though!! I cannot believe this is our life right now..I’m not complaining though!! I’m actually intrigued by it. I have to be honest though I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW TO RAISE A GOAT, CHICKENS OR A RABBIT. Researching is becoming a HOBBY in this home. Not to mention we have a baby on the way!! ahahah Life just keeps getting better!!!!!

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