August 28, 2017

It’s such cool feeling having a belly that is growing (slowly, but growing). These past few days have been amazingggg…I haven’t had to wake up as much in the middle of the night to go the restroom like I was. I’ve also been able to figure out ways to avoid the horrible headaches. I’ve been making sure to eat breakfast. We are not breakfast people so that has been a huge adjustment for me. I also have been forcing myself to drink more water. I will have a soda every so often ONLY because it is ridiculously hot here and a soda is so soothing!!

Today, I helped in our 0-12 months nursery. I never get to because of being in other ministries but I did this morning. It was LOUD haha. I gravitated towards the CALM babies. I’m used to watching loud or crying babies because for years we didn’t really have people to help in the nursery so Hannah and I got to work in the nurseries ALOT so we’ve experienced every kind of baby you can think of. I enjoyed seeing the different babies that were born in our church and are growing up in the church!! Makes my heart happy!! My Mom gave me a bunch of Patch the Pirate cd’s and lullaby’s to play at night when I’m sleeping and throughout the day! I may be imagining it…but I feel like it has calmed me so much..and even the baby. Anyway…

Here are TWO things I thought I would share with you this week that I’ve tried to really apply during this pregnancy:

PRAY & READ THE BIBLE AS MUCH AS I CAN: I know that should be an everyday life thing..but there are a lot of worries, fears and anxiety that try and creep in when you’re pregnant. I’ve tried to AVOID as much as possible going on the internet for answers. I KNOW there are a lot of help etc…but there is also A LOT of negativity also, and Satan can definitely use it to scare you or put fear into you. Seriously, I cannot scroll google or look things up. It always seems to bring up some negative story or the first diagnose is something horrible. I’ve tried to rely on advice from my Mom (she knows a lot), other moms I know that I look up to, and my doctor. Like I said, though, PRAYER and READING MY BIBLE has become a huge part of my pregnancy. I know it’s not everyone’s thing…but I KNOW I absolutely cannot live without it. My favorite time is early in the morning when it’s just me and God. No one can calm you or take away that fear that maybe you are embarrassed to admit you feel, like Jesus. A lot of days I feel overwhelmed thinking of how life is going to change in 5 months..but I’m always reminded of that verse, “when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalms 61:2b) Spending time with HIM and in HIS WORD  is so powerful and uplifitng. I like to memorize different verses that talk about fear and worry so that when I do feel those, I can claim those verses and they calm me.

CHOOSE WHO I LISTEN TO: I decided even before I got pregnant that I was NOT going to listen to negative advice or people. Whether you believe it or NOT, negativity does effect you in a BIG way. I have to admit…I can sometimes be negative..I realize I’m no saint when it comes to being positive, but I am definitely working towards being more positive. Now you cannot avoid what people say..but you can avoid dwelling on it or letting it sink in. I have had people tell me, “Ohhh, come February your life is going to change. You won’t have a life anymore. You’re going to be tired and stressed all the time” Well, thank you so much for that! I know having a kid isn’t going to be easy, but then there are people who will tell me, “Life is definitely going to change, but in a good way! It will be hard at times but it’s the most beautiful privilege in the world to raise a child”. THAT is the kind of advice I like to listen to. People who realize life isn’t easy or perfect but CHOOSE to see the positive side of things. My Mom has and is my number one GO-TO for advice in this pregnancy. I’ve always admired the way she raised us kids.  (She’s not perfect..I think she is of course), but she has so much wisdom and before having any of us, she READ a lot of books about the home and raising children,  so I value her opinion and advice so much!! She always tells me, “Abie, just enjoy this time of being pregnant!” I always love hearing that reminder.

Every pregnancy is DIFFERENT and we all can learn from someone else which I’ve definitely tried to do as much as I can! I’m thankful for the godly people God has surrounded me with. Everyday is a gift to me. 


  • Reply Donna Walley August 28, 2017 at 3:29 AM

    I love to read your blogs! It is a fun time to be pregnant! But heat can make a lady cranky! Ice water with lemon refreshes me. I gave birth to Sean in Davao city. I know that heat. Your mom is definitely your best info source besides your OBYGYN doc. Heat and acrid smells seemed to bother me the most. Some people that didn’t know I was pregnant..thought I was just getting fatter! One day at church I walked in carrying a 3 week old 8 pound baby boy! Imagine their surprise! I even nursed Sean. At chuch, I was given permission to nurse back in the church file room. Everyone wanted to see how Americans did it. Ha! Same way but discretely.
    Keep posting your progress, I will continue to read. Hugs Abie and to your sweet mother also!

    Donna Walley 😊

    • Reply Abie September 3, 2017 at 7:05 AM

      Thank you so much! :) Haha that made me laugh the part about “same way just discretely” haha!! I have been trying to drink more water..I will try adding lemons to it more often!!! I will!! :)

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