August 23, 2017

It honestly feels sooo weird that I’ve had a human growing inside of me know for 4 MONTHS!! I woke up to use the restroom the other night while i was walking i looked down and felt my tummy and realized it had grown. I know that sounds weird but it’s weird to comprehend it all. 

Still don’t have any morning sickness or special cravings. I still LOVE to sleep. Everyone keeps telling me they think I’m having a boy because Im so lazy! ha! Honestly though we’re both hoping for a boy. I always wanted my first kid to be a boy. I will be happy though with whatever it is. Our biggest thing right now is trying to think of names. See because we live in a foreign country we don’t just get to name them whatever we want..their names have to be veryyy well though out because of the way they pronounce them and how sometimes names can be used to make fun because they can pronounce it to sound like one of their own words in their language. It’s just a very tough process. We do want, if it’s a girl, for her middle name to be Jewell like mine. That’s another thing, people don’t have middle names over here, their middle names are their mothers maiden name:) When processing immigration papers it takes foreverrr for me to explain to them that “Jewell” is my middle name not my mothers maiden name. 
My clothes have become super annoying now. I know I sound dumb cause in 9 months my clothes are reallly going to annoy me, but lately i’ve been able to find dresses (that’s alll I want to wear during this pregnancy) that fit just the way I like. I think I’m just going to have to have some sewn. Our thrift stores have been having some reallly nice fabric lately too!! We are constantly asking each other “Can you believe we’re going to be parents in 9 months?” It’s so exciting and nervous all at the same time. The one thing it has done though is helped us both to draw closer to God. It’s crazy how much life is put into perspective when I think of how we have been given the privilege of raising this life inside of me. The one thing we both always talk about is how thankful we are to be in such a good church. It has helped us both so much. Ryan is the note taker I just listen then will look over his notes later. But I feel so blessed to have learned and been taught FROM THE BIBLE about raising a family etc. The other night my Dad preached about reaping and sowing. He talked about how even the lost know when they are reaping in their lives, how much more us as Christians. He then talked about how as parents or to be parents/parent that maybe have things in your past you’re not proud of and you don’t want your kids to reap it ask God for a “CROP FAILURE”. We all have things we’re not proud of and the thought of my kids reaping really wakes me up. So every morning I’ve been begging God for a “crop failure” in my future kids lives, of the things in my past that weren’t right or pleasing to Him. I want my kids to grow up to love God, I don’t want them to grow up and think the world owes them something or into a life of thinking serving God is a waste of time. I love serving God, I love going to church, I love anything that draws me closer to HIM. I am also thankful for the real-godly heritage I have been given. We also feel SO blessed to know that our kids are going to have such godly-grandparents on both sides!! I’m also superrrrr excited to start a family with Ryan-DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Last week Ryan preached at the church of two of our graduates (his wife came when we were having Bible Studies under our carport).  It was such a blessing. I always love to go to visit our local churches. It’s so encouraging. It always reminds me of when we were starting out. I seriously miss those days!! It was so cute the primary kids were having class in the back room and they were sitting on mats and chairs taken out of a van. It was so cute. These kids were so content and to hear them sing about Jesus and listen to the story with such anticipation was awesome!! They are doing such an awesome job!!! God is working all over the place. Alot of it we won’t know till we get to Heaven! 
We also started back our SCHOOL MINISTRY this week. It’s been a rough time this year trying to get into the schools. We usually have no problem at all. We do at least 10-11 every year but this year Satan has really been fighting. I’m still thankful though for the schools that we were able to get into! This is absolutely my favorite ministry. I mean as soon as our teachers walk into the rooms the kids sit down and you can just see in their eyes their hunger for the Gospel!! I love it. We are having our Pastors Conference this week so some of the teachers couldn’t be there because they were preparing so me and Ruth had to sub and teach one of their classes. Also, this year me and Ryan are doing a class together. I usually teach one but because of being pregnant he put me in his in case I get sick etc. I also enjoy it cause we get to ride the motor together to the school!   Please pray our Pastors Conference starts tomorrow and goes through till Friday afternoon. We are expected to have 350-400 pastors. It’s always a privilege to get to try and be an encouragement to the Pastors and their wives. Some of them have traveled hours. We give away Bibles and tracts every year. This year each Pastor will receive a THOMPSON CHAIN BIBLE. It was my Dads DREAM to be able to give them each one. Thankful for all the people back home who donated or gave to be a blessing to these Pastors!!


God is good all the time. 

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