August 9, 2017

I asked Ryan to snap a picture of my “bump” earlier. He looked at me..laughed..and then took the picture. haha Probably because there is no bump haha..I’m 13-14 weeks pregnant now though. He laughs at me cause I do a countdown everyday of how many weeks i have left. I am so new to all these feelings. We had a doctors appointment yesterday. The baby is fine. We got to see its feet and hands. It is realllly starting to hit me now. I HAVE A HUMAN INSIDE OF ME. Also, my doctor said my placenta previa is OKAY now!!! I was sooo glad when he told me. I had been praying it would move or do whatever it’s supposed to do. ha!Everyone keeps asking us when will we know if it’s a boy or girl…Well actually we won’t until it’s born. I always wanted my first child to be a surprise so we are going to be going to the hospital when it’s time for me to give birth with 2 names for if it’s a boy or girl. People keep telling me that’s a terrible idea cause what about it’s clothes and stuff..haha pshhh my kid can wear neutral colors for awhile, I’m 100% it won’t even care.

As far as craving still none yet. I do have a hard time though forcing myself to eat. All I want to do is sleep so it’s a real struggle!! Hopefully this kid picks up my trend and sleeps most of it’s first few months. haha im not kidding either. I’m so excited though because my sister just started meal prepping yesterday for all of us to try. I’m already living the life!!! She kind of has to come up with our her own meal recipes because alot of the recipes you find online are useless to us seeing how we can’t get most of the ingredients required. So we do with what we have. I definitely am trying to be more healthier though because my mom always says whatever I eat the baby eats.

P.S I’ve been getting headaches ALOT is there any prego women that has a remedy or something they do to avoid or help with that?ย 


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