July 30, 2017

We’ve been back from our Hong Kong trip for 3 days now. That trip wore me out. To top it off me and Ryan were motion sickness the whole entire flights coming home. I pray my baby doesn’t inherit our motion sickness. I feel for anyone that gets it. That’s what surprises me so much about this pregnancy is I was expecting to go into full blast nausea and vomiting all the time. PRAISE JESUS that’s not the case. We woke up at 4:00 am to go to the airport because it was our first time we didn’t want to get lost or be late. We got there way too early. At Mcdonalds and went to our gate. I literally sleep everywhere shame. I took up a whole bench on our way down to Gensan. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I seriously have never done so much walking in just three days IN MY LIFE. One morning I woke up and couldn’t even walk to the bathroom..Ryan had to massage my feet till my muscles chilled out. I realized how out of shape I was though. It felt good to walk.

The best part was the street market. It was so fun learning to haggle them. I mean they tried to rip us off sooo bad. Until finally we figured it out and started learning…it ended up where they would beg us to buy. Definitely the place to go. They call it the LADIES MARKET…Ryan said he knows why cause that’s where all the ladies spend the money. (these pop up cards are AMAZING!!)We had a great time in Hong Kong. Like i said in my last post, I love visiting other countries and seeing other peoples cultures. I definitely want to go back and visit there again. I was excited this time cause we took the boys to Disneyland. We went to OCEAN PARK last time, but of course I wouldn’t have been able to ride on a single ride there, and since the boys had never been to Disneyland we chose that. They loved it. It was SO hot that day though. The good thing about Hong Kong is there is aircon/ac EVERYWHERE so I would just walk into a store or the bathroom every few minutes. At one point I asked Ryan if we could ride the “IT’S A SMALL SMALL WORLD” just so I could take a nap. (I hate that ride, it could put anyone to sleep) ha! The best part for me was of course being there with Ryan but also the AMERICAN HOTDOGS!!!!!! I literally ate two..threw them up of course…but so what..sometimes when you’re pregnant you will eat something you’ve been craving matter what. 

Im just still so exhausted. I feel like I’m never going to not be tired again..but I’ve been told it will pass. Still feels unreal sometimes that I have a human growing inside of me. Ryan leaned over the other day and said “You don’t know how excited I am for this baby to get here.” Made me smile. I’m glad we had a whole year to ourselves. I can’t wait to start our family.  (This man was singing “Amazing Grace” in Chinese on the side of the road- Most beautiful thing I heard the whole 3 days there)  This is Jane. We met in the longgggg line at the bathroom. She told me how she had been traveling since she was 17. I love making a new friend in a different country!   This guy worked at the Jollibee that Hannah and Ron ate at like 50 times ha! They don’t really allow their workers to talk this guy pretended like he was wiping tables so he could talk to Ron. He told how he had been there for more than 20 years. He was sooo excited to get to talk to someone from back home. He had to get back to work so Ron got his phone number and Facebook and is going to try and lead him to the Lord. Please pray he gets saved! He has family over here that we are going to try and reach also.

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