July 25, 2017

Everyone assumes that living in a foreign country is just so great for us…which IT IS…except when it comes to visas and the things we have to go through and pay to continue living there. We had to go out of the country this week for me and hannah’s visas. So we decided to go to Hong Kong. We came here as a family a couple of years ago and i remember thinking ‘i want to come back here again.’ I love it. It’s really clean and organized. The people aren’t as tourist friendly but that’s okay!It took a whole day to get here. Whenever we travel I’m not allowed to carry ANYTHING important. We’ve had to many times where I left my passport on the plane or left an important document etc. Everyone always says, “don’t give it to Abie.” I always have to hand my passport right to Ryan after going through customs. And anyone who has to sit by me on the plane dreads it even more. Haha Sleeping on an airplane is the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing to me. I toss and turn the whole flight and i get motion sickness so that makes it even worse.  Yeah I’m just not everyones favorite person to travel with ha!

I seriously LOVE visiting other foreign countries though. I love seeing other peoples cultures. I always get so sad though seeing all the people that are lost. I searched online before coming to see if I could find some Chinese tracts to print off to give out, but couldn’t find any. So I searched for the Chinese characters of “Jesus Loves you” and printed them out on little cards and cut them out. I’ve been leaving them different places and giving to different people. Earlier I gave it to a old man on the road and as I was walking off I could here him reading it out real LOUD and when I looked he was smiling. I wish so bad I could’ve explained more to him. I always try to remember that even though I’m on ‘vacation’ I can’t be on vacation as a Christian or from telling people about Jesus. This trip has inspired me to go back and try and learn the Gospel in different languages. Me and Ryan were talking earlier though how we’d really like to start taking some mission trips together.  The fruit and vegetables here are SOOO fresh and everyone is so fit and healthy. Probably cause they walk everywhere!! They are such hard workers here. It breaks my heart though to see really old people still working. It feels awkward cause I smile and say hi to everyone but they do not smile back!!! It’s like they go into shock when they see us smile at them, like they’re not used to it.  I loveeee traveling with Ryan. He’s been so sweet with me being pregnant and wanting to take a break from walking every 5 minutes ha! And he lets me eat every few minutes cause IM constantly starving!! haha The best part is getting to eat the Mcdonalds nuggets here. They’re my favorite and they taste like the states. Probably not so healthy but I’m eating as many as I can. My sister told me there was a Panda Express here and I freaked with excitement…then she told me there wasn’t. Such a painful moment for me. It’s superrr hot here too right now. Honestly though, i’m so thankful the Lord worked out this whole trip for us. 

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