11 weeks.

July 22, 2017

I am now 11 weeks. I know this sounds weird but sometimes I forget i’m pregnant! I don’t have any symptoms other than going to the bathroom every 5 minutes or wanting to sleep all day. We are going out of town this week so I had to make a quick appointment to make sure I was good to go. Last time i went in for a check-up I was told i had placenta previa, which could result in me not having a normal delivery. BUT he said it was too early and could end up changing. So i’m praying it changes. Other than that-everything seems fine. The baby was really hyper haha! everyone keeps making jokes that it’s definitely my child. As far as cravings: NONE really. I have a hard time with making myself eat. I’m not picky with food I just don’t know what I want. Once food is in front of me though I have no trouble eating whatever it is. My mom and ryan have been cooking for me different times since I feel so tired all the time so that really helps. I get in trouble alot with people cause I still try to do the things I did before I got pregnant. haha It’s all a weird stage for me. I am enjoying everyday though!! i took this picture yesterday of me-I have no idea if this is my baby bump or my I just ate bump. Oh well ha!

Also our goat gave birth this week. It’s so tiny and cute! Ryan is building her and the mother a shed cause it’s been raining alot. I honestly never imagined ourselves raising a goat and a rabbit-but that’s life i guess. I feel lucky that I get to do this life with Ryan.ย 

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