June 25, 2017

I am now 7 weeks pregnant. At least that’s what my app tells me. haha! Everyday my app informs me how my child is developing. Right now all I see is it’s daily development into different types of fruits. I am SO thankful though because so far I haven’t been nauseous or picky about food or any of the other stuff I was told I was going to go through. I’m hoping I’m one of those pregnant people that doesn’t have to deal with all that. I do take LOTS of naps though because I’m SOOOO tired and I constantly have to go to the bathroom. At this point I am a very happy pregnant girl. As for my belly hahahaha it’s kind of growing, I don’t know. It’s hard to tell because I’ve always been super skinny but bloat up like a fish. So I have people say “Awww your little bump is growing” and I’m like “Yahhh” haha but really I think I’m just bloated. I don’t know we’ll see. It really still feels so unreal that I have a child growing inside of me. I literally am trying to enjoy everyday, especially with Ryan. I cried awhile back because I realized these are our last few months together just us. :(  I’m so glad we had almost a year and a half together!! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! Also I’ve started cooking more!! This is HUGE guys!!! I hate to cook. I know that sounds so bad. It’s just the heat over here makes cooking a NIGHTMARE haha. I am actually starting to enjoy cooking now though. I’m serious this baby has got me doing weird/random things. I’m usually afraid to try anything new but lately I’m not. I literally begged Ryan to let me paint one of our walls in our living room BRIGHT BLUE…of course he said yes. But it’s soo random!! I so want to do it though. I probably will. ALSO….at 11 last night I decided I wanted to cut my bangs. haha So Ryan cut them for me hahaha. I still can’t believe I did it. I guess I just got tired of the same hairstyle I’ve had for years. I had my hair dyed from blonde to this color but I still felt like it was missing something. I mainly wanted to do it because with bangs you kind of have to fix your hair haha and I haven’t been fixing my hair. I’ve been living the hag life. No more. I did it. I have bangs now. I have super curly hair so they don’t stay flat and round long but the wave in them doesn’t bother me. So I’m all good:) I took a bunch of pictures so go ahead and shake your head haha!!:) 

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