I had the best birthday

May 18, 2017

I remember thinking when I was younger how much I wished time would go by faster and NOW…all I want is for time to slow down. I was the kid that never enjoyed the different stages of my life. So now when I look back I just have a bunch of regrets of not enjoying all those times that I wanted to go by so fast. Yesterday I woke up to being 27. I know it sounds weird for those who are older when I say…I can’t believe I’m 27!!! I really can’t. I feel very blessed for the 27 years of life God has give me. Yesterday I spent time with family. That alone to me, is the greatest blessing of life! Lately I’ve been hearing alot about different families who have lost a loved one: a child, a parent, a sibling…and it’s caused me to be alot more thankful for the time I still get to have with my family. Now that I’m older all I want to do is spend time with family. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy time with friends, but family time to me is wayyy more important and special!!!

Yesterday Hannah & Ruthie surprised me with birthday decorations when I walked out of my room!! It was AWESOME!! They literally went ALL out for my birthday yesterday!!!They even made me some very touching birthday signs! Then my Mom took me on a shopping spree (spending time with her was already a huge gift).Then they all took me to lunch at SHAKEYS! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they have one of those up in Heaven one day! It was a Wednesday so we had church that night-well we all had Kings Kids Club…so my parents bought JOLLIBEE for all the kids to celebrate my birthday…which they had no idea I had prayed in my heart that I could have a little extra money to celebrate with some of the kids. God is just AWESOME like that. Seriously though I had the best birthday. I made of lot of decisions in my life for this new year of mine! I hope to make it the very best…no matter what!

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