Family Visit (Part 1)

April 14, 2017

Some of our family flew in Tuesday from the U.S. It’s so unreal that they’re here!! It meant SO much to us that they all were willing to fly out to see us!! It’s also really special for my Dad to have his sister see our ministry over here. Being able to spend this time with family is so recharging!! We have pretty much just taken a few days to relax. Next week is our VBS, so it’s going to get REALLY busy and HOT. I’m glad they’re going to be here though for our VBS. It’s the first time we’ve had visitors for it. Please pray that God will do great things next week! Here’s just a couple of pictures from the past few days.

We took them to our favorite BBQ place- ANTIPOLO.ย 
Ava Grace made a friend :)

This little girl LOVES cake!!!

Then we went to the beach yesterday. It was so beautiful especially when it started to rain.ย  Then today we took them to the ukay-ukay (thrift store).
This really has been the best 4 days!!!! So glad they are here.

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