March 25, 2017

I say it all the time..our school ministry is probably my FAVORITE ministry that we do. The kids in these schools are SO hungry for the Gospel. Let’s just say they’re also alot easier to handle than church kids…hahaha jk! (sorda) This year we started teaching at a new school. I don’t go to this one but I’ve been once with Ryan. He teaches the 6th graders. It’s his favorite school. I went one week with him and I instantly knew why. These kids were AWESOME. They sat there as Ryan taught the Bible and just soaked every little detail in. Not only that, but they were so respectful. I always know when a school has great teachers because it shows in the students.

We usually will do a retreat for the 6th graders at the end of the school year because they won’t be there next year. We also like to take that time to make sure they ALL understand Salvation. So yesterday was the retreat for his 6th grade class. To be honest I almost didn’t go!! I had so many little things I needed to take care of. I planned to just drop by and say, “Hi”. Well I ended up going for the 2nd half of the retreat and staying the rest of the retreat. I am sooo glad I did. These kids encouraged me so much!! I wish you could meet every one of them. Most of these kids may never come to our church,Β that’s okay. I just pray wherever they go, they choose to serve God with their lives.

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