March 14, 2017

I don’t know about you, but do you sometimes hesitate to share or post stories of people you’ve come across, given a tract to, or even led to the Lord for fear of coming across as proud or bragging? Well, if you haven’t, then I envy you, because I hesitate every single time!! We live in a world where it’s SO normal to share parts of our house, our cars, our outfits, or anything really about our daily lives (which is TOTALLY fine), but it seems like when it comes to sharing something about souls being saved or what God is doing, we stop to think it through first, because we don’t want to be judged as spiritually proud or bragging. I wish it wasn’t like that!! I have to be honest, I LOVEE when people share pictures or stories of people they led to the Lord or a story of how God used them to make a difference in someone’s life. I just LOVE when people tell about what GOD’s done or is doing. Maybe if we shared more about people getting saved, giving out tracts, telling stories of peoples’ lives being touched by Christ or anything to do with sharing Christ with others, maybe it would get our current generation a little more fired up for JESUS. I’m not saying there’s people out there who AREN’T fired up but if we take a look at the generation in the past and our current generation, sharing the GOSPEL or telling someone how to be saved, just isn’t as popular as it used to be. But what if it was? YES! your motives for sharing must NOT be to bring glory to yourself…but that’s the point. Why don’t you share it to bring glory to Christ and to INSPIRE others to be bold to share the Gospel with people around them? This world doesn’t just need a pat on the shoulder. They need someone to look them in the eye and tell them about a place called HELL. They don’t need someone to put a bandaid on their sin..they need someone to show them how SIN, small or big, is exactly what sent their Savior to the cross! You cannot claim to TRULY love people if you’re not willing to do whatever you can to make sure they get the GOSPEL. I know this may all sound like me rambling on. I decided though, I want to start sharing more about what GOD has done, and stories of people being saved and lives that are being changed. Have you ever thought that maybe, just MAYBE, it’s not others making you hesitate to post or share about what GOD’s doing? It could be SATAN himself.

Now that I shared all that, I wanted to share a quick story of the lady in the picture above. A couple of weeks ago, Ryan and I and a lady in our church, Ma’am Joyce, went out visiting. We had been out for awhile and hadn’t been able to witness to anyone and didn’t want to go home without sharing the Gospel with someone. Before going home, we decided to stop in one last area and try to find someone. As we were turning the corner, we saw this lady sitting outside her house. Ma’am Joyce and I got out while Ryan parked. We walked over to the lady and handed her a tract. She was so sweet! She had such a genuine smile. Halfway through the conversation, we realized that she and Ma’am Joyce spoke the same language, Ilonggo. So Ma’am Joyce asked if she could share the Gospel and the lady agreed. She was able to lead her to the Lord and I was able to lead her neighbour’s 3 kids to the Lord. The 2nd picture above is where she lives. If you met this lady, you would NOT know she lived in a place like that. She was literally such a happy person. I began to think, “Wow, if even my wifi signal’s even a little bit slow, I lose it, and here this lady is living there and she is just SO HAPPY. Want to know why I love to go out visiting?? Because it’s the one time God definitely puts me in my place. Ha!! He reminds me how I have NOTHING to complain about and that it’s MY CHOICE to be happy no matter what situation of life I’m in.

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