February 10, 2017

I just wanted to give an update from my last post about the two kids who lost their parents because of Alcohol. Both of the kids now know that their parents are gone but are not really processing it yet. The bodies will be buried Sunday. This afternoon Ryan and some of the guys went to do a service for the family and friends.  It is about an hour and twenty minutes from us. He said it was such a blessing. He told how that more than 30-40 adults and teens accepted JESUS!!!!! I can’t help but think where the parents are right now. I hope that somehow, someway someone shared the Gospel with them and that they are in Heaven. Tonight I’m just so happy that although a tragedy happened, God turned it into something good and many people will spend eternity one day with JESUS in Heaven. Please continue to pray for the two kids and their family. (In the 2nd black and white picture: that is the boy in the sleeveless T-shirt and his sister next to him.)

**The little girl in the picture above with Ryan is an orphan. Her parents died in a car accident too when she was just a baby. Someone left her on the table of one of the relatives of the two kids who lost their parents. I think it’s such a BEAUTIFUL thing when someone is willing to take in and love and care for someone that isn’t their own. I pray one day I’m given that same opportunity! Ryan said she was such a happy little girl.

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