“Son, I’m so scared!”

January 27, 2017

Two days ago my mom asked me and Ryan if we would run to the grocery store for her. We had visitors from the U.S here for our Revival. One of the visitors really liked Reese’s Cups so as I was walking out of the house my Mom asked if I would pick up a few for the visitor. We got to the grocery and got everything on the lists. While we were in line Ryan reminded me that I was supposed to get Reese’s Cups for the visitor. We had a few groceries so I asked if he would take the groceries out to the truck and I’d go get the candy and get back in line.

I finished at the check out line and was walking out of the grocery store when I saw Ryan talking to an older lady. To be honest I figured it was just someone who had stopped him and asked for money or something. I walked up to them and they both were carrying on a conversation as if they knew each other. They did. She had stopped him and asked if he went to a highschool here in our city-which he answered yes to. She then went on to tell him that she used to work in one of the offices years ago and he looked familiar. He introduced us and we talked for a few minutes. It was or revival week so we invited her to come that night for one of the services. She then got tears in her eyes and began to tell us that she couldn’t because she would be leaving the next day for a city 3 hours away from us. Then she told how seven years ago she had breasts cancer she had survived but now the cancer had returned and she would be going to that city tomorrow for radiation. My heart hurt for her. She had HUGE tears in her eyes but you could tell she was fighting them back. We begged her to come that night. I kept thinking “WHAT IF SHE LEAVES TOMORROW AND SOMETHING GOES WRONG AND WE NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO WITNESS TO HER?” As we got ready to leave she asked where we were headed. Ryan told her where and asked if she needed a ride somewhere. It was very near so we told her we’d give her a ride. She was so happy. We got into the car and before we even pulled out of the parking lot-she began to cry. I mean heavy cry. My heart broke for her. She then grabbed Ryans arm and said “Son, I’m so scared!” Me and Ryan both looked at each other. We both have a look we give each other when we know we’ve got to witness to someone. The place where we were dropping her off was SO close. So to be honest we didn’t have much time and she was crying so hard and pouring out her heart it took awhile for Ryan to be able to jump in. When he finally got the chance he asked her right out if it came time for her to die did she know where she’d spend eternity. She began to cry again. It took her awhile to answer “I don’t know. I’m so scared Son!!!” We arrived at the place where she needed to be dropped. Ryan pulled the truck to the side of the road and led her to the Lord right there. It was such a beautiful moment. The sinners prayer never sounded so beautiful. (Although I feel that way everytime someone gets saved) She cried as she sat there in the truck asking Jesus to save her. It literally was such a beautiful moment. As she finished praying I looked back at her and the look on her face had changed. She was still crying but the fear she had in her eyes before wasn’t there. She just cried and cried. I needed that more than ever!!

Honestly I get so side tracked sometimes with life and ministry and “loving” people that I forget that although loving and meeting peoples needs are SO IMPORTANT…their ETERNAL SOUL is way more important. Showing people in our city or community, LOVE, is so important, but if we forget to TELL them about the greatest LOVE ever (JESUS) we’ve not really “shown” them true love! I thanked God so many times that day for sending that lady our way to remind me. 

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