January 27, 2017

Every year we have our teen revival right before our main revival so that the speakers can preach for it. All I can say is this years Revivals were GREAT!! I say that every year but seriously it was AWESOME this year. So many great messages were preached!! I’m so thankful for all the people that got saved too!! I’m so glad to be where I’m at:)) For the past year our speaker has been Bro Chris Dallas-he’s an evangelist. This year he brought his wife. She was such a blessing and an encouragement!! Here’s just a few (okay alot) of pictures from the past few days.  The guy on the left of me is “Ed”…We’ve been praying for over 6 months for him to get saved. He works at our Pizza Hut at on of the malls. Because of his work  schedule and night classes Satan really fought hard for him NOT to get saved…but God OR COURSE fights harder.

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