January 13, 2017

I posted a video for this..but in case it doesn’t load, below is the written out directions for it. Like I mentioned in the video this is not your typical FRIED RICE. I adjusted some things.ย 


  1. 2 to 3 Garlic cloves (sliced up)
  2. Salt & Pepper
  3. Rice (we use ours left over from dinner the night before)
  4. Honey
  5. Soy Sauce


  1. Saute garlic in a pan with a little bit of oil. Let the garlic brown JUST A LITTLE!
  2. Throw rice in pan with garlic and mix around. (If you’re using left over rice..it’s best to wet the rice a little so that it will separate.)
  3. Pour in a little Soy Sauce and mix. Not too much though. It’s better to have to keep adding instead of putting too much all at once!
  4. Drizzle some honey over the top and mix.
  5. Add a little salt. Pepper is optional.
  6. Mix everything around. If it’s a little too sweet try adding some salt or soy sauce. If it’s a little too bitter add some honey.


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