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May 15, 2016

The fruit in the Philippines is sooo good. Whenever we have people visit from the STATES, they’re always so amazed at how good the fruit is, Santol being one of them. It is absolutely my FAVORITE fruit over here. It has been since I was young. RYN_3967 copyRYN_4015 copy They’re seasonal, so every year when it’s their time I make sure I eat as many as I can. Someone recently set up a fruit stand near our house and is selling them. The best part is they come straight from their farm  so their FRESH, HUGE and REALLY SWEET!!

You don’t eat the seeds you only suck on them then throw them away. The covering on it is sooo good. Seriously there is no way to describe how good they are! RYN_4020 copy RYN_4030 copyRYN_4025 copyThey taste even better when you add some salt to them. If you EVER come to the Philippines or you’re currently in the Philippines and have never tried these, TRY ONE!!!

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