Davys 24th Birthday Party- OHH!!! And my engagement story!!!!

September 26, 2015

I just LOVE parties! Seriously, I wish there was a party every single day. Even more than parties I love decorating!! A couple years ago I started a tradition were the night before  whoever’s birthday it is, I wait till they are asleep and then I decorate our hallway. Everyone knows I do it and they all just act surprised every time. I’m like the weird child in the family that everyone just acts surprised with HA!  One year it was like 2 a.m and I was blowing up balloons and I popped one. It freaked them out and my dad came out of his room. Good thing it was my Moms birthday and not his!!

Well for the past four years Davy has been in the States everytime on his birthday. Although there are so many people that took care of him on his birthday there, he always missed home whenever it was his birthday. So this year we decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. Because of Hans wedding I kind of was working on two things at once. Well after the wedding I had to fly up to Manila for my Visa. So when I got back I only had two days to put everything together! It didn’t matter though I was soooo excited. I wanted him to have a BLAST! It worked out perfect to cause Davy and Ren2x (Ryans older sister) have the same birthday and Ryans is the very next day. So it was like a party for them too!

Read below too find out how I ended up being surprised!!!!
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Engagement Story. . .

So like I told you above, I was planning Davy’s surprise party. I had no idea he knew and I was really decorating for my OWN surprise!!! I literally was having such a good day that day! I woke up kinda late, tried to play it all cool. Davy kept asking what we were gunna do that day and I thought I had him FOOLED. Literally everyone was just acting SO normal. I had no clue what was gunna happen that night. That afternoon I mentioned to Ryan I wanted to video the party so we could put together a video for Ruthie since she wasn’t here for his birthday. He was like “YEAH!! Lets do it!” So that night we set up the lights, got the cameras ready, and were waiting for Davy to come home, cause he had gone to pick Han and Ron up from the airport. I kept texting asking where they were. I went over with the camera guys (our friends) what angles to get etc. Everything was all set!

Well, he arrived. The lights in the yard were all off. I was positioned where as soon as he came in the gate, I’d get his reaction! Well, here he comes walking through the gate. He is sooo surprised, or so I thought!!!! I even shed a tear cause I was so happy he was “SURPRISED!” Well, the party starts and literally everyone was having a blast AND everyone was acting normal. (SIDE NOTE: I am the HARDESTTTT person ever to surprise. Literally!) So leading up to what was going to happen I did not suspect a thing!!!

We took a few photo-booth pictures. I then had Davy do a short video greeting for Ruthie to add to the video for her. Once again EVERYONE was acting normal. I felt so stinkin’ cool!! I had just pulled off an epic party. Ryan kept asking me, “are you happy?” I was like “YEAHHH!!” He knows me so well. He knows if my party turns out the way I wanted, I am on cloud 9!

I asked my Mom if we could bring out the cakes cause it was a little late but she kinda blew me off. Well, everyone kinda settled down and my Dad gets up in the middle and says, “Okay, now we’re going to hear speeches from the celebrants.” I literally was thinking, “WHAT? Speeches? Dad!! Why speeches?” (I am not a fan of speeches and it wasn’t on my party schedule) But oh well, he wanted speeches, so I let them go at it. First, Ren Ren got up and she gave a short sweet speech and I was enjoying it. Then, Davy gave a speech. I enjoyed that too. THEN, Ryan gets up for his speech. My Dad leans up and says, “Give me your camera! When he’s done, go up there and we’ll get a picture of you.” Whenever my Dad asks to use my camera to take a picture, I already know how the pictures are going to turn out. It would have been a picture of the sky. He doesn’t actually pay attention when he’s taking a picture, cause he’s a little too into watching outside of the camera.

Well, I focused my attention back on to Ryan’s “FAKE speech!” haha!!!! He then says, “I would like to thank Abie for going through all this trouble to make the party so nice tonight. Abie, can you come up here? I’ve never really publically thanked her.” Up to this point, I still have no clue. I’m thinking “Awww! How sweet! He wants to point out my AWESOME decorating skills.” Then he starts getting a little bit serious. He starts naming the date of the first time we started texting, then when he first told me he liked me, then when he asked me to be his girlfriend, then when he told me he loved me, and so on. At first, I was thinking “Man! I’m a horrible person. I remember those events, but not the dates! He is literally perfect.” Then he started saying such sweet kind things. Then I knew. THIS WAS IT. He was getting ready to ask me to marry him. I looked around and everyone had their phones out videoing. I KNEW!

Then he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I got teary eyed. I was sooooo happy. My best friend had just asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was so excited after he put the ring on, I forgot to say “yes”, so I was like looking around and smiling and my mom said,  “WHAT’S YOUR ANSWER?” I was like, “Ohhh yeah! Sorry!!! YES!!!”

It was perfect. For monthsss, I kept telling him he would NEVER be able to fool me, I’m so hard to surprise, but he literally surprised me sooo good!!! :) He said he didn’t sleep at all the night before because he was soo nervous.

I just love this guy. He’s so perfect. Whenever I’m being crazy, I’ll ask him, “Do I embarrass you?” He always says, “No. You make me laugh all the time!” It’s sooo funny cause I always prayed that if I ever married someone, it would be someone that obviously loved the Lord, but someone that thought I was funny and could put up with my crazy side. God definitely heard loud and clear!!!

Everyone kept saying, “Oh, I bet you didn’t sleep at all.” Actually! Yes! I slept pretty good! Sometimes we watch movies or see other peoples’ proposals and we just have it set in our minds how it’s supposed to feel or how we should react. It wasn’t like that at all for me. It was so sweet and sincere. The moment was just so beautiful. It was our moment. Our story.

I think I was a little TOO excited cause when Davy said “Smile Abie!!” I put up both hands. I have no idea why I did that. They didn’t really get shots of the “first proposal” so Davy tried to get us to reenact the scene. So I fell on the ground all dramatic like I was sobbing from joy.

Thank you so much for all of those who had a part in that perfect night and for all those who pray for us.

Please pray for my Mom.  I don’t really like to publicize it cause it may affect the other siblings. But she is going to have such a hard time when I get married…..I’m her favorite! Ha!!

We picked out my ring together. It was even more beautiful in person than the picture. I chose a ring with his birthstone in it:))) I LOVEEE IT!!!

(Video coming soon!)


They didn’t really get shots of the “actual proposal” so Davy tried to get us to reenact the scene. So I fell on the ground all dramatic like I was sobbing from joy. I think I embarrased Ryan. haha!!!! RYN_2695RYN_2699RYN_2703RYN_2744

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