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Feeling revived

July 26, 2015


Okay so you HAVE to try this Loaded Potatoe Casserole! It is sooo good. I’ve made it several times and everyone loves it. Now of course you can change the recipe a little bit like you can add different vegetables or put any kind of meat you want. Trust me though it’s delicious! I like it cause it’s quick and healthy. Okay is it true that CHEESE is very unhealthy for you? I get so sad when I hear that. abiejewell

My mom brought Ranch dressing back from the States for me. I LOVE ranch dressing. We can’t get it over here! So we have been having salads with almost every meal. AHHH so good! abiejewellabiejewell

Me and Ryan played a game of Phase 10. WARNING: You must have a very stable relationship before playing this game. Haha


I teach a Bible class every Saturday morning up behind our church. This week I told the kids we were going to skip the lesson and play games. Not one kid complained haha! These kids make me want to be closer to God.


Sundays seriously make me smile. I always look forward to going to church and being revived. abiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewell

I was really happy today too cause I finally got to wear this vest thing I got at the thrift store awhile back. I love these things.
abiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellabiejewellHave a great week everyone!!!




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