Buttery Baked Chicken Recipe (MUST TRY!)

November 4, 2014

I love family dinners. There’s something so refreshing about sitting down after a long day and just enjoying a nice meal with the family, and of course the boyfriends! Tuesday’s are always so busy for us, we hardly see each other. That’s why a nice dinner sounded good tonight.

It’s also an advantage cooking dinner at night because it’s not as hot. Our kitchen gets so hot when we cook in the day time. So cooking in the morning isn’t always my favorite time. The heat from the oven/stove plus the hot weather combined makes me wanna pass out.Even with the fan!!

So tonight I  wanted to cook a nice meal for the family. I cooked this recipe once for Ryan, just to see how it went. He loved it! So I decided to make it for the family.

3 Reasons why I love this meal:

1. It didn’t require ALOT of ingredients. (My brain shuts down when there’s too many ingredients) 

2. It didn’t cost alot of money. (I’m wanting to collect a bunch of recipes that don’t cost alot before I get married-any recipe ideas would be appreciated)

4. I got to leave it for an hour!! (I got to finish some other things while it was cooking!)

3. Everyone loved it. (Huge plus for me! I always feel so successful when I’ve cooked a good meal that everyone likes!)

Below is the link to the website I got the recipe from. She has some other GREAT recipes on there too! Enjoy!!

BUTTERY BAKED CHICKENabiejewellthe best part is the gravy!!!

DSC_0329someone in our church gave us this really cute salt/pepper set! abiejewellabiejewellwe drink alot of lemon water around here. Aren’t these DUNKIN DONUT mason jars so cool? abiejewellme and my dad LOVE mango in our salad!! Especially right now because the mangos are so fresh this time of year!abiejewellI love mashed potatoes soo much!!


**all for HIS glory**

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